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Ken Larson


Ken Larson was awarded a 2013 East Central Regional Arts Council/McKnight Fellowship for professional artists. He is a ceramics artist and will be exploring large scale ceramic sculptures.

Larson resides in Pine County and has a studio in Sturgeon Lake, MN.  You can find him online at

Artist Statement
Artist Statement

I've worked with clay for 37 years, sculpture for the last decade.  Clay is such a flexible medium.  All the things you can do with it - fold, paddle, add, subtract, texture, burnish, plus the different firing techniques of raku, terra cotta, and low temperature salt saggar, offer virtually endless possibilities.  The art is about my life experiences, and interests.  I've worked with bird and natural imagery since 1977 and am still discovering new insights.  More abstract work is inspired by both man-made and natural elements with major pieces combining both aspects so each is equally important and interdependent in the story told by the finished work.