Final Report


All Grant recipients must submit a final report to ECRAC. 

The final report must be the ECRAC online format provided in the grant portal and will include:

  • project narrative;
  • documentation of press releases, project publicity, website pages, and news articles.
  • The final report will show how grant funds were used and will provide documentation of income and expenses pertaining to the project, including copies of proofs of payment.
    • Copies of proofs of payment is currently optional for applicants with the final report. However, all grant project proofs of payment (including copies of all supporting paid receipts or canceled checks; sales slips; and any vouchers for contributions - including in-kind contributions, if applicable) must be available per ECRAC request for 3 years after the project ends.
  • The final report form will also include all documentation on the outcome evaluation of the grant project.

The Regional Arts Council cannot provide any grant funds to applicants who have outstanding or unaccepted grant final reports or unsatisfactory interim progress reviews.

Log into your Grant Dashboard to view and complete your final report here:

For a refresher on Final Reports: