Grant Change Request


The East Central Regional Arts Council (ECRAC) understands that changes may occur to your art project during the approved grant project period. The ECRAC Board of Directors, as agreed to in your grant contract, requires all grantees submit a change request to ECRAC, in writing, and that it must be requested before your project ends, and before submitting your final report. You also must receive notice of approval (or denial) before making the changes to your project or the budget.

Keep in mind that all grantees have signed a Notification of Grant Award (NGA) Contract stating you will complete your art project as stated in your approved grant application. If you need to make changes to this contract you will need to do so in writing.



How to submit a change request

All change requests shall be submitted in a letter format, and should include a signature from the project director, or authorized organization official; or, for individual artists, signed by the grantee. You may mail the change request to ECRAC, 540 Weber Ave, Suite 109, Hinckley MN 55037; or, scan the letter and attach it as a pdf to an email, send to grantinfo@ecrac.org.

All change request letters should include as much information as possible regarding the reason for the change.

  • What was originally approved in your project, and what are you proposing to change it to?
  • Why is this change request needed?
  • How does the change affect the approved budget?

Personnel Changes

If you are requesting a change to key project personnel, artist, band, or anyone who was originally approved to be part of the art project, you will also need to include the work resume (for key project personnel), or artistic resume (for any artists or bands), you are proposing to add and/or change for the project, and the reason why.

Budget Changes

If you are requesting a change to the approved budget for your art project you must also include a copy of the approved budget; if needed, this can be found in your online grant portal in your approved application, and submit an updated budget to include the updates you are requesting.

Remember you are required to submit a change request if you have any line item changes to your budget that have increased or decreased more than 20% per line item total over $600. For example: if the line item total amount for supplies/materials will increase from a total expense amount of $960 to $1250, this is a 30% increase and requires a grant change request to be submitted to ECRAC. If the line item total amount change is less than 20% you do not need to submit a budget change request.

Need Assistance

If you have any questions about change requests, we are happy to assist! Grant Program Officer Katina Eklund may be reached at (320) 336-0200, or via email at grantinfo@ecrac.org.