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Tom Jaszczak


2019 Essential Artist Award

Artist Statement
Artist Statement

I seek a balance between tradition and modern. My pots have layers, first the decoration that is bright yet flat and in the foreground. My decoration is minimal or often a simple graphic, placement of this moment is essential to the focal point of each pot. Second the slip that is fluid and has a rich depth in surface. Finally, the ruggedness of the clay with scrapes and small pits. This cumulative journey of a pot tells a story and the story brings the user into the moment of making and firing. Slips, trimming lines, finger marks, edges, wad marks, drips, scratches and shadows capture a moment in time and tell more of the story. I react to every firing with new ideas and new information; this keeps the overall process fresh and exciting. A successful pot has depth through these processes, obtains humbleness through form and both a thoughtfulness and playfulness in function.