East Central Regional Arts Council is Seeking Volunteers to Review Art Grant Applications!

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Some grant programs at ECRAC will be reviewed by artists, creatives and community members with a variety of backgrounds and familiarity with different arts disciplines. Other grant programs will be reviewed by ECRAC Board Members who are also creatives or involved in supporting the arts.

Grant Reviewers and Board Members read applications online prior to either a Zoom or in person review meeting and are offered a stipend of at least $80 plus mileage for their efforts. Training and support are provided for all reviewers and board members.

Participating in these grant reviews at ECRAC will deepen your knowledge and experience around the grantmaking process. Grant reviewers and Board Members are sometimes artists or arts administrators, but you don’t need to be. You don't even need to have a degree in art, or even be an artist. You can serve as a grant reviewer without it impacting your eligibility for other grant programs. However, ECRAC Board Members are not allowed to apply during their terms. See the FY 2023 Grant Impact Report below to learn who ECRAC has recently supported. This grant review work really matters!

Consider serving as a reviewer if you:

  • Have an interest in art and community.

  • Have experience with specific cultural communities.

  • Are a creator and make art in any discipline or genre.

  • Work in education (especially language arts, music, choir, theatre, or visual arts).

  • Have experience in nonprofit programming or administration.

  • Engage in other forms of community organizing.

  • Care about East Central Minnesota and want to support the artists and arts programming here.

ECRAC's FY 2023 Grant Impact Report

Contact director@ecrac.org or 320-591-7033 with any questions on Board Membership or Grant Reviewing at ECRAC.

Apply to be a grant reviewer or board member here!