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👋 Once in a lifetime: MN State Arts Board Artist Grant Deadline

Authored on
September 3, 2020

Invitation to apply for MSAB Creative Support Grant for Individuals

Artists, we would like you to know about the new Minnesota State Arts Board (MSAB) Creative Support Grant for Individuals. This is a new program for individuals to provide a wide range of financial support during the next 12 months. The program is open to both for the traditional artistic disciplines and the cultural heritage arts (cultural bearers) in the State of Minnesota.

As a greater Minnesota artist, musician, performer, writer, etc., MSAB has set aside funding specifically for individuals in greater Minnesota including the ECRAC region. This increases your odds of receiving funding in this grant round. We want as many individuals as possible take advantage of this once in a life time opportunity. This will demonstrate to MSAB that there are amazing artistic talents in the ECRAC region with financial needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can watch their informational webinar and review the Program Overview and Application Instructions before starting the grant application (links below). These applications are submitted through the MSAB’s Webgrants system. There is a learning curve to use this site!!! So, be sure to begin the application as soon as possible and give yourself plenty of time to complete the steps.

Here are some of the important tips and suggestions to keep in mind:

Grant Funds: $2,000 to $6,000 request (ask for what you need to do the work) Equipment Limit is $5,000. No match is required.

Grant Deadline: September 18 at 4:30 pm. 

Grant Timeline: Reviewed in October, Awarded in November, Start Date after signed contract with 12 months to complete the work.

Grant Eligibility:

  • Individuals who have received a MSAB or ECRAC grant in 2018, 2019 and 2020


  • Culture bearers refers to individuals who have been trained by traditional elders or master artists and whose artistic practice is reflective of the cultural life of a community that shares a common ethnicity, geographic or regional identity, occupation, language, or tribal affiliation.


  • An artist or culture bearer who has not been a past grantee but is one or more of the following:

a. an individual who lives outside the seven-county metropolitan area;

b. an individual who identifies as indigenous or as a person of color;

c. an individual who identifies as a person with disabilities

  • All eligible applicants must also: Have a history of producing artistic work; Be a United States citizen or have attained permanent resident status; Be at least 18 years of age; and Have been a Minnesota resident for at least six months prior to the application date, and must continue to reside in Minnesota throughout the contract period. An individual may only submit one FY 2021 Creative Support for Individuals application.

Grant Funding: Types of acceptable funding include:

  • To develop and deliver alternative ways to meaningfully engage Minnesotans in the arts during the pandemic and after;
  • To develop and deliver alternative ways to meaningfully engaging Minnesotans in the arts during the pandemic and after;
  • To pay salaries or fees for artists, contractors, or collaborators;
  • To seek professional development or training that enables planning or adaptation;
  • To purchase supplies, equipment, or services needed to accomplish grantees’ priorities.

Grant Review Criteria: Proposals will be reviewed, and grants will be awarded, based on the degree to which the applicant meets the following review criteria. (36 points total)

  1. The applicant has a history of engaging Minnesotans in the arts. (12 points)
  2. The applicant has a feasible idea of how to continue connecting with communities in the arts. (12 points)
  3. The applicant has a deep and authentic connection to one or more underserved communities. Underserved communities include demographic groups such as veterans, greater Minnesota residents, individuals with disabilities, older adults, people of color, indigenous people, and other marginalized communities. (12 points)

The deadline is very soon, September 18th at 4:30 p.m. State your case, support your argument, and secure the funding to continue to service the public in the ECRAC region. We need to support all of our outstanding artists, musicians, performers, and writers now more than ever during these challenging times.

ECRAC is trying to reach as many individuals as possible about this important opportunity. Please forward this email to any other greater Minnesota residents who would be qualified candidates.

MSAB Creative Support Grant for Individuals

Reminder: ECRAC grant applications are open too

2020 has been a very challenging year. Based on nationwide information in a Culture Track study, Culture + Community in a time of crisis, arts and culture organizations and activities can help you and your community during this crisis.

  • 53% of respondents felt that culture can help by allowing them to laugh and relax;
  • 49% of respondents felt that culture can help them stay connected with others;
  • 47% of respondents felt that culture can help educate children when schools are closed;
  • and 46% of respondents felt that culture can offer distraction and escape during the crisis.

This is a meaningful role for artists and art events to provide. "We need places and ways to gather and still have joy and pleasure in our lives. Places, even if virtual, to comfort each other and feel human, humane, and normal." The connection between making art, artists, arts projects, and art appreciators is still strong.

How will this look?

  • Safety needs to be first.
  • Have empathy for others.
  • Include the excluded, they need you now more than ever.
  • Build a digital bridge to the future.

ECRAC has funds to help support your artistic efforts with the following grants that are open now:

Grants for artists

  • Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund Grants - up to $1,000, October 1 deadline
  • Resiliency Grants - up to $600, rolling deadline

Grants for organizations

  • Art in Our Schools Grants - up to $3,000, October 1 deadline
  • Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund Grants - $5,000 to $15,000, October 1 deadline
  • Small/Art Project Grants - $500 to $5,000, October 1 deadline
  • Resiliency Grants - up to $600, rolling deadline and all Region 7E artists and arts organizations are eligible

Questions about which grant application is a good fit for you or your project?

Email the Grant Program Officer at or call 320.591.7034