Writing as Healing Workshops

Tuesday, March 19, 2024 - 5 - 6 pm

These workshops are for individuals who consider themselves survivors in any fashion and who want to explore the healing capacity of writing and how writing can be a way to connect or reconnect with self. Research shows writing can be cathartic and a way to process feelings. This is not to say that your writing in the workshops must focus on any hardships. Rather, you will write only what you are inspired to write. The sessions will be modeled after Writing to Wholeness where “we come to the circle as writers. The writing circle is therapeutic, but it is not therapy; It is supportive, but it is not a support group.” Participants will not be asked to write about painful experiences; however, if they do, it will occur in this supportive space. The purpose of the workshops is to guide participants into self-affirmation, self-discovery, community, and connection.


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